portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit?portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit?

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portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit?

Which is a better option - a portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit at a facility? I couldn't decide which was the best method for my family to use since we were going to be moving in the next year. I just knew that I had to clear a lot of our stuff out of the house before I could welcome potential buyers into the house. I went back and forth and did a lot of research about the two options and finally came to a decision that suited our needs the best. Find out what I learned about these two options right here on my blog.


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5 Reasons To Use Self-Storage During College

Storage units are an affordable and convenient solution to many practical problems involving a need for more storage space. They can be an especially helpful solution for college students, since college students tend to move frequently and be chronically short on storage space in their dorms or apartments. Here are five great reasons to use self-storage as a college student:

Going Home for the Summer

If you intend to go home for the summer instead of staying in your college town, self-storage is practically designed for you. Renting a storage unit for all of your belongings means you can easily drive or fly back home without the huge hassle having to haul all of your stuff with you, find places to stash it at home, and then bring it all back to college again in the fall. Simply rent a storage unit near campus and you will rest easy all summer knowing your belongings are secure.

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to expand your cultural horizons, learn a new language, and have once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Studies even show that studying abroad helps raise your grades and even improves your chances of finding employment and earning more money upon graduation.

One of the only downsides to studying abroad is that you need to find a place to store all your stuff while you're away. Rather than burden your friends and family with all your furniture and boxes, simply rent a storage unit. Your stuff will be safe, secure, organized, and waiting for you when you get back to the States.

To Get More Space

Storage units aren't just useful when you're out of town. In fact, they can be a creative way to get more space during the actual school year. You may find that your tiny dorm room or the bedroom of your apartment does not provide enough space for your belongings. In particular, you may need a place to safely stash things like sporting goods, bicycles, and off-season clothes that you don't need access to regularly. Renting a storage unit is an affordable way to effectively multiply your space, keeping your actual living environment neat and clutter-free.

A Place To Store Valuables

Communal living is a big part of the typical college experience. Whether it's a dormitory with hundreds of other students, or a big house with several roommates and their ever-changing guests, it's normal in college to frequently have a lot of people around. If you and your roommates have parties, you can add even more unknown people to this mix.

While most of the people who hang out at your room or home are probably trustworthy, all it takes is one person with bad intentions to steal jewelry or other valuables. Instead of worrying about your valuables turning up missing, keep them secure in a storage unit. This way, you can have access to them whenever you want but know they are protected and safe the rest of the time.

A Space To Pursue Your Hobbies

Back at your parents' house, you may have had plenty of space to pursue your artwork, photography, music practice, or other hobbies. This can be much harder to achieve in a college student's tight living quarters. Rather than giving up on your passions and hobbies, consider renting a storage unit and using it as a quiet, private space to be creative. Storage units have successfully been used as art and photography studios, a quiet place for band practice and more.

By renting a storage unit during your college years, you can easily experience these benefits and have a more organized, convenient life.