portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit?portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit?

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portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit?

Which is a better option - a portable storage unit or a garage-like storage unit at a facility? I couldn't decide which was the best method for my family to use since we were going to be moving in the next year. I just knew that I had to clear a lot of our stuff out of the house before I could welcome potential buyers into the house. I went back and forth and did a lot of research about the two options and finally came to a decision that suited our needs the best. Find out what I learned about these two options right here on my blog.


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Make Your Move Easier With This Office-Moving Checklist

Are you prepping your business for a major move? Before you start to box, bag, and bin everything you own or rent, take a look at this checklist that can make the transition easier for everyone.

Hire a Mover

Do you have the time, people-power, physical strength, skills, or equipment to move everything on your own? Most businesses require extra help for a full office move. After you find a new office space to move into, the next step is to hire a professional office-moving company.

After you schedule the move and confirm the specifics (such as the time, the size of the truck, and the number of movers that will be there) with the contractor, you can move on to the next step in your checklist.

Employee Notification

Does everyone in your office know about the move? Make sure you notify all staff about the change. This includes permanent, temporary, contract, and other employees. Along with a general notification, get specific and tell all office staff the dates and times of the move. This should include a timeline of moving events for each person or department.

Inventory Creation

Avoid mid-move or post-move losses with a detailed inventory. This should include everything in the office that will move from its old home to the new one. The specifics of your inventory depend on several factors, such as the size of your office, how much you have to move, what you're moving, how many staff members you have, and your preferred method of list-making.

If you need to create a shared inventory that everyone can add to or review, use a group spreadsheet or moving app. These options make it easy for all employees to see what is on the to-move list and what they're missing. It can also help during the unpacking process and increase the overall organization.

Moving Timeline

Now that everyone knows about the move, it's time to break down the schedule of events. If you have one timeline for the office, you're in luck. But if different departments or employees will move on a somewhat different or staggered schedule, you'll need to make multiple timelines.

Your moving timeline should include when each staff member needs to pack and what they're responsible for packing, when the office-moving services contractors will come, and when everyone needs to vacate the office permanently.

Do you need help with your move? From choosing office-moving services to creating a timeline, with these few simple steps you can streamline the process.